Did "Breaking Dawn" Ruin the Twiligth Series?

As all of the Twilight reader’s anxiously awaited the release of Breaking Dawn back in August of 2008, with the book selling 1.3 million copies the first day, they were excited to find out what would happen next with Bella and Edward. Eclipse ended with Edward proposing to Bella as his one stipulation to her request of being turned into a vampire. Readers all over the world could not wait to read what happened with Bella and Edward’s relationship, if she ever would become a vampire herself, and to see what occurred with the friendship between Jacob and Bella.

Yet the result was a book that was written entirely differently than the previous three books in the Twilight saga, even the literary voice was different in large portions of this book, with the main point of view switching from Bella to Jacob. The longest book of the saga quickly began to receive reviews and complaints that included a “Return Breaking Dawn” campaign by many fans. Amazon and Borders both confirmed that they did receive returns of the book.

Many critics stated that the final chapter to the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn, actually ruined the series. Compared to Harry Potter, which many fans believed that J.K. Rowling successful completed her book series, Stephanie Meyers has been receiving reviews that actually state Breaking Down was so off-track from the other books that it destroyed the entire series.

breaking dawn twilight

breaking dawn twilight

One of the main reasons that Breaking Dawn has received such terrible reviews is that the plot lines of this story diverge so significantly from the previous three books. Stephanie Meyers takes the characters through a much more science fiction story line than the previous romantic, albeit bizarre, story lines. While the previous three books respect and follow Meyers’ Mormon background, Breaking Dawn takes a more sexual turn, with a violent act of honeymoon consummation, that leaves the bedroom and much furniture destroyed due to Edward’s fury. Through this act of consummation, Bella becomes pregnant with a baby that is described as evil and a killer. When Bella gives birth to this half-human, half-vampire child, and the childbirth is so violent that it breaks Bella’s back, pelvis and hip. The baby is eventually ripped out of Bella, literally killing her. Once Bella is turned into a vampire, she and Edward continue to have sex, and often. Comments that could be viewed as inappropriate for teenage readers ensure between members of the Cullen family.

All of these plot lines diverge so significantly from the previous books in this series, where Bella and Edward barely even kiss. Additionally, the change in first person point of view from Bella to Jacob is so dissimilar to the other books that it is difficult for the reader to adjust to Jacob’s teenage boy’s anger. It appears that Stephanie Meyers did this believing that the readers would enjoy being a part of the wolf packs mind, but this adds little to the story. Additionally, the interaction between Jacob, Seth and Leah gets significantly tired by the end of the book.

In addition to all of these variations, there is the introduction of a worldwide contingency of vampires when the Volturi come to fight the Cullen’s. This part of the story may be the most redeeming and is similar to the other plot lines in the Twilight series. Seeing the skills and lifestyles of the vampires worldwide is interesting and falls into line with previous plots. How the story ends when the Volturi and Cullen’s clash is excellently written and Meyers manages to maintain Carlisle’s abstinence from violence.

All told, Breaking Dawn is a must read for any Twilight fan because it concludes the storyline between Bella, Jacob and Edward. Many readers will be upset in the change of writing style that Meyer’s introduced to this beloved series.
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